5 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Email Content


Do you ever feel like you’re in a writing rut when it comes to drafting emails? While government email copy is typically more buttoned-up and professional in tone, it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your writing and have fun with the process. The more engaging your copy is, the more your message will resonate,… Read more »

Questions & Answers from December’s A/B Testing Webinar


In December’s webinar “Creating a Culture of Testing: 30 Tests in 30 Minutes,” speakers Huw Ap Dewi of Wrexham County Borough Council in Wales and Madeline O’Phelan with GovDelivery discussed how to use testing tactics like A/B testing to improve digital metrics that lead to stronger outcomes. The audience submitted a number of great questions, and without… Read more »

Intro to A/B Testing: Increase Digital Engagement

Split testing. A-B comparison.

Do you ever wonder if your message is the strongest it could be? Data is a communicator’s best friend. It allows greater visibility into how well your message impacts your target audience. It helps answer who cares about your messages, what topics interest your subscribers, what techniques are most effective in generating a response, and… Read more »

6 Simple A/B Testing Options for Beginners


Your organization spends massive amounts of time putting together information to benefit the people it serves, and as a sophisticated communicator you likely have strong instincts on best practices. But relying on instincts alone can be frustrating when they don’t produce the results you’re looking for. The good news? It’s easier now than ever to… Read more »

Increase Message Engagement With A/B Testing

Have you heard we launched the new Advanced Package for the Communications Cloud recently? Within the Communications Cloud, the enhanced functionality includes pre-built campaigns, segmentation, and A/B testing — an area we will explore in depth today. You know those meetings, where your team is endlessly debating communications strategy, trying to ensure you have the… Read more »