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  • Denton, TX

How Denton, TX Provides Residents User-Friendly Service Request Solutions

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While Denton, Texas boasts a friendly, small-town feel while within reach of big-city amenities, an outdated and underdeveloped management request system for city services took smiles off resident faces. Thanks to Granicus’ govService solution, city staff were able to create a modern mobile solution that reduced complaints and improved service.

“We have a very active community, and in the social media groups, someone might say ‘Have you seen that really big pothole on X road?’ and multiple people will respond saying ‘Put it into Engage Denton.’ People have had success with it, and they’re telling other people they can have success with it.”
Stuart Birdseye, Deputy Director of Customer Service and Public Affairs at Denton, TX


  • 48 hours Standard response time, city-wide
  • 1,500 reminders  Added to improve recycling and trash pickups
  • 151,219 City population
  • 1,000+  Mobile app downloads
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Alleviating Citizen Frustrations with Technology

Home to two universities, Denton, Texas, is just a short drive from Dallas-Fort Worth, and boasts a friendly, small-town feel paired with big-city amenities. Citizens of Denton enjoy 30 parks, 300 acres of open space, three rec centers, a water park, and community swimming pools, but prior to 2018, this thriving city had a customer service issue.

Citizens who noticed issues such as potholes, sidewalks needing repairs, or road debrishad no clear way to report issues and submit requests. Many who called the city’s main phone line gave up after getting lost in a maze of automated prompts. Citizens were frustrated and staff felt overwhelmed about how to handle their complaints. In a world where online interaction and engagement via smartphones was becoming more prevalent, Denton’s citizens, and their government, were feeling left behind.


Engaging Citizens to Improve the City

The City of Denton turned to Granicus’ govService OneView Enterprise Solution with Service Request Management, SMS Messaging and Waste Reminders. Along with a brandable mobile app, these tools enabled the city to deliver a centralized location to submit, receive, and manage citizen service requests, making it easier for citizens and government to communicate and take steps toward improving city issues right from their phone.

“Engage Denton,” the city’s mobile app, empowered citizens to submit requests with pictures, track the progress of those requests, and access other online city services. The mobile app has a solid adoption rate, continues to grow steadily (mostly through word of mouth), and is now the primary way citizens connect with the City of Denton about community needs.


Centralizing Resources for Easy and Fast Action

By using OneView to help centralize citizen requests, paired with a keen focus on customer service, the City of Denton created a user-friendly resource for their citizens. City staff is once again easily accessible and citizens feel a connection to the success of their town as potholes, power outages, and community improvements are quickly addressed. Citizens now have a go-to location to easily access city services and staff can quickly address requests. In fact, staff can now more strategically and collaboratively share data across the city and with elected officials, helping them to make more informed decisions.