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Public Records Request Management

Streamlined public records requests, built for clerks

With Granicus’ govService, clerks can easily review, assign, and complete records requests. The technology is adaptable, quick to implement, and easily customized to meet your organization’s unique processes. With our Public Records Request Module, you can automate request tracking, customer communication, and fulfillment. Our customers frequently reduce the time to process requests by as much as 80% and costs by as much as 98%.

Public Records Request

What If You Could …

  • Save time and cut costs through streamlined workflows that minimize errors, reduce paper processing, and improve communications across agencies and departments?
  • Improve customer service by providing residents a seamless experience across contact points (online, in-person, and more) and access to their requests 24/7?
  • See immediate improvements in processes and service thanks to quick deployments and easy integrations with existing systems?

With Our Public Records Request Module You Can …

  • Ensure only complete requests are submitted, automate routine tasks, and easily set response deadlines, cutting staff time dedicated to reviewing, routing, and completing records requests regardless of record type.
  • Let customers request, track, and pay for records requests from a single customer portal or through traditional (in-person and via mail) channels.
  • Design and implement service-improving technology in a matter of days for immediate ROI and reduction in records-related headaches.

Public Records Request

$685 is the average cost to fulfill a single public records request.

Public Records Request

The Granicus Advantage

  • Sleek and intuitive design
  • Reduction in human errors
  • Improved end-to-end tracking
  • Faster response and turnaround times per request
  • Low-code integration with existing technologies Granicus