[Infographic] The State of Digital in Government

State of Digital report

We heard from 500 government innovators. Here’s the overview of what they said. 

If innovation was based on appetite and will alone, government would keep pace with the world’s top innovators in the private sector. In this year’s State of Digital survey including participation by over 500 public sector leaders, nearly 100 percent of respondents told us they believe that government has a responsibility to keep pace with the latest in digital. Yet, government faces obstacles unlike any other sector – inflexible budgeting cycles, complex procurement processes, and enhanced security requirements, to name a few.

Download this infographic to get quick answers to the following questions:

  • What’s driving innovation in the public sector?
  • What is the top technology-focused priority this year?
  • What are government’s most pressing challenges?
  • What’s holding government back from adopting cloud technologies?

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