5 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Whether we like it or not, our daily activities rely on a system of time. What, where, and how we spend each day depends on how much time we schedule for ourselves. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that timing is an important, if not crucial factor in driving citizen engagement. When and how… Read more »

Granicus and GovDelivery Together… An Opportunity to Bring Government Technology to the Next Level


Today is a very exciting day at GovDelivery. After nearly two decades of working with the public sector to transform the citizen experience, we are announcing a merger that brings GovDelivery as the leader in transformation of the citizen experience together with Granicus, a company that has had a similar impact on the legislative process… Read more »

Plain Language Series Part 1: Planning Makes Perfect


Last week, we began a conversation around the Importance of Using Plain Language in the Public Sector: an overview of how using simple, to-the-point content can benefit your organization. In summary, Plain Language is the phrase we use when describing an effort to simplify (NOT “dumb down”) content that has shown substantial results in saving… Read more »

The Importance of Plain Language in the Public Sector

Think back to a time when you received unclear directions. Maybe you took a wrong turn, ended up in dead end, or got lost completely. Frustrating, right? In the public sector, we are charged with providing clear information, updates and directions to our constituents – they make up our roadmaps for navigating our programs and… Read more »