The Public Sector Knows How to Spread Holiday Cheer

As the year winds down there’s a collective holiday season frenzy nearly everywhere you look: a Christmas tree here, a holiday sale there, and gingerbread lattes everywhere. In the public sector, the holiday season brings a loftier goal than simply selling more trees and lattes—communicating with citizens to keep them safe and informed. Along with peppermint flavored everything and Santa hats galore, the holiday season brings often dangerous situations like winter weather storms or cooking fires. Even office closures for holiday hours need to be communicated to lessen inconveniences. Many organizations also lead holiday specific activities in their communities. Whether vital information or a little more lighthearted, government organizations have a busy communications calendar this time of year.

Many organizations are not only communicating this important information with citizens, but communicating it really, really well. By taking some principles from the private sector into their digital communications, organizations are not only spreading the word on important or fun public information, but also creating messages that are timely, interesting and festive!

Some of the guidelines we’ve seen our government clients follow in their holiday communications include:

  • Creating engaging content that is easily shareable
  • Using interesting, seasonal, highly visual graphics
  • Capitalizing on the “theme” of the season to make the message relevant

We’ve compiled a few of the many great holiday emails going out from government organizations this season. Take a look and feel free to share your favorite seasonal government communications in the comments below. And of course, Happy Holidays!

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