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5 Examples of Awesome Emails (And Why They’re Awesome)

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Every month, there are over one billion digital messages sent in the GovDelivery Communications Cloud from government organizations across the U.S. and in the U.K. With so many digital messages swarming to and from inboxes, it can be challenging to recall specific characteristics of an effective email message. That’s why we created “12 Awesome Emails”… Read more »

Collaborating For a Better Constituent Experience


This post originally appeared on  Collaboration is a common theme in government today because it can increase employee productivity, improve communication, enhance resource sharing and even cut costs. But in a drive to achieve these results, many collaboration projects forget the ultimate objective of government: serving citizens. Too often, collaboration efforts improve internal operations… Read more »

How Effective Communications on Earth Day Can Impact Change

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First recognized in 1970, Earth Day started as a grassroots effort to bring more attention to environmental movements like recycling and pollution cleanup. Today, Earth Day is one of the largest secular observances around the world. Every year on April 22nd, over 190 countries celebrate Earth Day by organizing events, mobilizing powerful networks of activists,… Read more »

How to Close the Cybersecurity Gap at Your Agency

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Take a moment and think about yourself, your team and your department. More specifically, consider how you would rate the security health across your team and organization. This seems like a loaded question, but here are a few things to consider when making that determination: Do you receive regular security training? Do you receive security… Read more »