It’s Not Too Late to Submit an Award Nomination for Your Digital Comms!

Procrastination-PandaDespite being responsible, hard-working adults, we all get hit by the procrastination bug every now and then—particularly when the weather is warm and we’d rather be eating barbecue in the backyard than sitting behind a computer. If you’ve been considering nominating your organization for our annual Outreach and Impact Awards but haven’t yet gotten around to it, don’t worry! Though the July 31 deadline is quickly creeping up on us, it’s not too late to submit your nomination.

Designed to honor the best in digital communication in the public sector, the Outreach and Impact Awards recognize organizations using digital communications to drive public engagement and action, increasing mission impact. Nominees can submit their digital marketing activities (including email, social, SMS text, voice or website sign-up best practices) for any one of the following awards:

  • Maximizer: For organizations that substantially build audience reach or an online community to achieve organization objects by utilizing digital marketing best practices.
  • Designer: For organizations that highlight creative use of design and messaging that drive stakeholder action by influencing behavior or building public trust.
  • Integrator: For organizations that integrate, streamline, or automate personalized messaging (think RSS feeds, transactional messages, drip campaigns, multichannel communications/COPE, and so on) to increase departmental efficiency, ROI and influence behavior.
  • Collaborator: For organizations that collaborate with others in the public sector to reach more people and incite action.

We’re always proud of the amazing work of our clients, and we want to formally recognize the important ways your digital communications serve the public with an Outreach and Impact Award. Once again, the deadline for submitting nominations is July 31, so we hope to see your organization’s name in the mix soon!

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