Have you met the Digital Governance milestone?

Last week, FCW noted an important milestone for federal agencies: “On Nov. 23, every federal agency will be expected to meet an important deadline set six months ago by the White House: the establishment of a digital governance structure within their organizations.”

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The article, written by Ed Meehan, goes on to explain why digital governance is critical, especially to the larger directive of improving citizen service delivery and government-to-citizen experiences:

Digital governance is critical to every agency’s mission. Good governance is strengthened by investing wisely in the resources that can improve the digital experiences of citizens and boost customer satisfaction. In order to make the right investment choices, agencies must first develop a solid understanding of how users currently interact with government and how they are likely to interact when digital enhancements are introduced.

I couldn’t agree more. Meehan rightfully notes that redirecting citizen and customer inquiries – often done via telephone or in person – to online channels can improve efficiency and cut costs. Even more than this though, government agencies can move the needle on improving customer satisfaction by offering citizens and stakeholders the option of interacting with government via digital channels. This can help federal agencies be more impactful in delivering value and fulfilling agency mission goals.

Research firm IDC Government Insights recently spoke at a digital communications event in Washington, DC and provided a perceptive look at how government agencies can move towards Smart Government, a model where “a set of business processes and underlying information technology capabilities that enable information to flow seamlessly across government agencies and programs to become intuitive in providing high quality citizen services across all government programs and activity domains.” If you’re a federal agency looking for more information on how to raise efficiency levels within your agency but also between your agency and others, take a look at IDC’s presentation.

If your organization currently uses a GovDelivery solution, you are already fulfilling many of the milestones in the White House’s Digital Government Strategy. Take a look at our checklist for more information.

For some organizations, the milestones set forth in the Digital Government Strategy may not be that hard to meet. For some, there’s a longer path ahead. Regardless of where your organization stands on the spectrum, the goal of delivering better service through digital means is commonly accepted as a necessary next step for government. If you’re part of a federal agency, how have you met this digital governance milestone? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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