Five Ways to Get Citizens to Listen and Keep on Listening

Building a successful government communications plan has never been a simple task. In the digital age, it’s become increasingly difficult for citizens to receive your messages, considering the constant noise surrounding them. Content development is one of the many strategies in a government communicator’s digital toolbox that helps to capture more of these distracted citizens. But where do you start? How do you create engaging content that is not only interesting and relevant, but gets more citizens listening to you as a top-notch resource?

That’s just part of what we cover in the Essential Digital Skills Guide for Government Communicators. Read on to learn how to get started with a content strategy that helps you tailor your communications to grow and maintain your audience, or you can skip straight to the source and read the full guidebook by downloading it here.


First…Spice It Up
When you’re providing new topics and feeds, make sure you stick to topics that are interesting and relevant to your citizens. Cover topics that your citizens are concerned with, like local emergencies, breaking news, road closures and so on. The better your topics fit the interests and needs of your citizens, the easier it is for them to connect why they should sign up to receive messages from you.

Tailor It
Give your citizens some power over the content you produce. Ensure that your subscription experience is personalized to each citizen. Have a list of preferences that subscribers can check off to show where their particular interests are so that you deliver exactly the content they want. Make sure you keep the option to tailor subscriptions available and advertised to your subscribers throughout their relationship with your organization. This tactic will ensure that your messages are always up-to-date with your citizens’ most current needs.

Analyze It
What is working in your content strategy? Which topics are the most compelling for your subscribers? Which ones are the least? By taking a little time to look at the analytics behind the scenes of your posts you can determine where your sweet spot of content delivery is—and expand on that messaging or rework your other posts to apply to a wider citizen base.

Multiply It
Develop multiple ways for citizens to sign up for a feed or alert (and then personalize it). While it’s great to promote each piece of content, you do not want to forget to broadcast the “big picture”—your actual feeds and subscription options. By offering sign up opportunities in as many places as possible, you will unearth more engaged citizens who are interested in your topics.

Deliver It
Similar to providing multiple places and options for citizens to subscribe to your feed, you also need to provide multiple options for citizens to actually receive the content. Whether that’s sending emails, text messages or social media updates, make sure you deliver the message through multiple channels to amplify it. That way you won’t lose any subscribers if they only prefer one method of communication over another.

By expanding on these five guidelines to establish a content strategy, you will direct the attention of engaged citizens on the important collection of content your organization is producing. If you’re interested in learning more about the next steps to cultivate the skills and strategies in your digital toolbox, then download the Essential Digital Skills Guide for Government Communicators here.


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