Do you know what StumbleUpon is?

If not, you might want to.

So, what is StumbleUpon? Essentially, I think of it as a social sharing service that directs registered users to new websites based on their personal preferences, input from their friends and “like-minded individuals.” StumbleUpon explains its process and why they’re better than search engines:

Now, why should you care about StumbleUpon?

Mashable reported late last week that that StumbleUpon doubled its user base in less than two years, surpassing 20 million users and directing users to more than 1 billion web pages every month. In fact, a report from StatCounter (also sourced from Mashable) in August 2011 showed that StumbleUpon generated more than 50% of all referral traffic compared with other top social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

Quantcast, a service that provides “free, directly measured traffic and audience composition reports,” shows that StumbleUpon users are typically male and older, with 62% of registered users between the ages of 18 and 49. What’s really interesting from the Quantcast data is the “Audience Also Likes” category, which shows topics that those who visit StumbleUpon are also interested in:


With this kind of impact, it’s easy to see where StumbleUpon and the public sector intersect. NASA sends more than 400 million emails a year through GovDelivery, and their focus in science and technology means that the kind of individual they want to be engaging with is probably on StumbleUpon.

Everyone talks about the next big thing in social media – with these latest reports, it may turn out at that StumbleUpon is just that. They’re hiring like crazy, and they’ve recently launched mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices that will no doubt increase their user base and web page referrals. But even if it isn’t the next big thing, for a service that directs users to more than 1 billion web pages a month, isn’t it worth it to find out what StumbleUpon is and how you might be able to leverage it?

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery

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