5 Reasons to Sign Up for the First Public Sector Benchmark Webinar

In less than two weeks, GovDelivery will be publishing the first (ever!) email benchmarking report specific to the public sector. Years in the making, this report will be the first collection of metrics that government agencies can use to enhance real-world outcomes.

On July 12, GovDelivery will be hosting a webinar, “Digital Communications in the Public Sector: Improving Metrics that Matter,” to discuss key findings in the report, and will feature experts on improving digital communications outcomes. Don’t miss it! (Register here).

Still on the fence? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should register:

Be a Part of Something Big

While the private sector has been using email benchmarking for years to measure and improve outcomes, the public sector has been without comparable benchmark metrics. As the leading provider of digital communications tools to the public sector, GovDelivery is in a unique position to publish metrics that the public sector can use to improve. This is big!

Learn About What Metrics Really Matter to You

GovDelivery’s Communications Cloud provides detailed analytics for clients on what’s behind your email communications strategy, but July’s webinar can help you hone in on the details that really matter to your outcomes. We’ll also touch on the differences in metrics by subsector and by location.

Address Assumptions vs. Reality

Without a public sector benchmark report, government has had to improvise. With only private sector data available, you may have had to make assumptions about what an effective communications campaign looks like. In the webinar, we’ll address the facts founded in real data on what it means to be effective in the public sector.

See How You’re Doing

Many organizations in the public sector are still emerging in their maturity levels around digital communications and engagement – and that’s okay, and to be expected. If you find your numbers are not matching or exceeding the metrics you see in this report, don’t worry: know that over time, your numbers will get better as you get smarter and more sophisticated about the way you reach citizens.

Hear Improvement Tips from the Experts

Once you are armed with the metrics that matter, you’ll also hear from GovDelivery experts on how to best improve them to reach your goals. With each proven metric, we’ll highlight examples of solid public sector emails and will identify key aspects of what made them great.

Have questions on the webinar, or related to public sector benchmarking? Tweet us at @govdelivery or email us at info@govdelivery.com.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar for “Digital Communications in the Public Sector: Improving Metrics that Matter,” on July 12 at 1:00 p.m. CST/2:00 p.m. EST.  

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